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      QUESTION:  Can Hardscaping improve my 
       Landscaping Design?


      ANSWER:  Whether composed of concrete, 
       stone, or some other hardscape material,
       walkways are a wonderful way to tie the indoors to
       the outdoors, thereby uniting house and landscape 
       effectively and creating outdoor living spaces . . .


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If crumbling, deteriorating walkways are ruining the look of your home, call the experts at PINE BROOK LANDSCAPING!  We will combines creative design and quality workmanship resulting in a beautiful enhancement for your outdoor living space.


You can choose from a wide range of materials to create the look that best suits the style of you home. From durable interlocking pavers to the simple beauty of natural stone, the designers at PINE BROOK LANDSCAPING will craft a stunning yet inviting walkway that suits your taste and lifestyle.


Please view our Project Gallery and you’ll see how much attention to detail and quality we put into every project.

We’ll put every one of our 24 years of experience into the design and installation of your new walkway.



Walkways, Pinebrook Landscaping



Pinebrook Landscaping, Walkways


PINE BROOK LANDSCAPINGS craftsmanship, attention to detail and superior client service are just a few of the many reasons we are a preferred choice to many who are getting ready to transform their home. We not only tailor our design to fit your style but we work with you to ensure that your needs are meet and that you receive quality products that fit your budget.


Count on the professionals at PINE BROOK for expert property maintenance services. We have proudly been serving Philadelphia, Bucks & Montgomery Counties since 1988 and are a full service landscaping, hardscaping, lawn mowing and general maintenance company for all of your outdoor home improvement needs.

New Britain Patio Hardscape During1

New Britain Patio Hardscape After 1

New Britain Patio Hardscape During2

New Britain Patio Hardscape After 2

New Britain Patio Hardscape During3

New Britain Patio Hardscape After 3

New Britain Patio Hardscape After 4

New Britain Patio Hardscape After 5

New Britain Patio Hardscape After 6

New Britain Patio Hardscape After 7

Jasper's Restaurant Retaining Wall Before1

Jasper's Restaurant Retaining Wall During1

Jaspers Restaurant Retaining Wall After1

Jaspers Restaurant Patio Before1

Jaspers Restaurant Patio After1

Jaspers Restaurant Patio Before2

Jaspers Restaurant Patio After2

Jaspers Restaurant Patio Before3

Jaspers Restaurant Patio After3

Jaspers Restaurant Patio Before4

Jaspers Restaurant Patio After4

Jaspers Restaurant finished patio

Jaspers Restaurant finished patio

Jaspers Restaurant finished patio

Jaspers Restaurant finished patio