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      QUESTION:  Why can't I wait longer between

       mowings, reducing time spent on lawn care?


      ANSWER:  It may come as a surprise that
       mowing the lawn is about more than just keeping
       the height under control. Proper mowing technique
       is an important aspect of overall lawn care...


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We all want beautiful plantings and flower beds, but we don’t always have the time to maintain them. Landscape maintenance is the art and vocation of keeping a landscape healthy, clean, safe and attractive. Free up your time and let the experts from PINEBROOK LANDSCAPING do the spring and fall cleanups, weed, edge and mulch your planting beds and apply organic herbicides and pest control products on your lawn.


     PINEBROOK LANDSCAPING offers the following Maintenance Services:

  • •  Seasonal Clean-ups
  • •  Flower and plant care
  • •  Bed Maintenance and Edging
  • •  Organic weed and pest control
  • •  Trimming and pruning of shrubs
  • •  Annual planting and harvesting


Call on the professionals at PINE BROOK LANDSCAPING for expert property maintenance services. We have proudly been serving Philadelphia, Bucks & Montgomery Counties since 1988 and are a full service landscaping, hardscaping, lawn mowing and general landscape company for all of your outdoor home improvements.


Please take a moment to browse through the photos for inspiration and ideas!  Below we showcase recently completed jobs from our many satisfied customers from all over the area. To view a full image and description, click on a thumbnail below or Search for more specific images by keyword.

Corner Tree

Curbside Garden

Curved Paver Path

Design & Installation

Driveway Apron

Driveway Curb Stone

Driveway Garden

Driveway Pavers & Curb

Flower Garden

Front Garden

Front of House

Front Stair Garden

Frontyard Garden

Garden Path

Garden Pathway

Garden Walkway

Landscaping Steps

Lawn and Garden

Mum path view 1

Natural Retaining Wall

Natural Rock Stairs

Natural Rock Wall

Pathway Garden

Patio 1 fireplace

Patio 1 view 2