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     QUESTION: Why can't I wait longer between

       mowings, reducing time spent on lawn care?


     ANSWER: Aesthetics aside, there's a good
       lawncare reason not to wait longer in between
       mowings. It may come as a surprise that mowing
       the lawn is about more than just keeping the height
       under control . . .

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IT'S HOT . . . the kids have to be in 3 different places all within a half hour of each other and the lawn looks like you’ve been on vacation for three weeks.  You don’t have the time nor the desire to fire up the tractor or mower and the kid down the street is less than reliable . . . this is the time to pick up the phone and call PINE BROOK LANDSCAPING.


Mowing the lawn is more than just running machinery over the grass and calling it a day.  Attention to detail separates the fly by night operations from the professionals. You can be sure that we check for the right cutting height and that our blades are sharpened properly.   View the LAWNCARE PROJECT GALLERY . . .


PINE BROOK LANDSCAPING is fully equipped to handle any size commercial mowing and property maintenance project as well.  Don’t let a poorly maintained grounds reflect negatively on your business!


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Call on the professionals at PINE BROOK LANDSCAPING for expert property maintenance services.  We have been proudly serving Philadelphia, Bucks and Montgomery Counties since 1988.  We are a full service outdoor landscaping, hardscaping, lawn mowing and general maintenance company for all of your outdoor home improvement needs.